‘Myth, Merriment, Memories and Murder’

web 35

‘Mini apple, stop your snoozing, we need you…for next years boozing’ (detail)

web 37

‘Where’s the castle mum?’ (detail)

web 17

Groundwell Farm and Les bicylettes (detail)

web 19

Avebury Druids (detail)

web 3

The ‘Queens Park Ape’ and a liberated cactus (detail) 

web 25

‘Of the witch beware lest she turn into a HARE…’ (detail)

web 10

‘Emily and the Dogs’ play Wroughton (detail)

web 12

Rules, Law and Order (detail)

web 4

Alan and I at home with Ted (detail)

web 40

‘The Children of the Stones’ (Happy Day!) (detail)

web 26

Chiseldon pit and a busking Dood (detail)

web 41

Frog up a chimney in a leather pouch (detail)

web 27

The Red Lion at Avebury (detail)

web 42

School Bus (detail)

web 28

Battle of the Beanfield 1985 (detail)

web 29

RIP Beamish (detail)

web 33

Breakfast Club (detail)