I am an Artist, Writer and Musician based in Wiltshire.

When I am being an Artist, I like to paint people doing various things in colourful ways. I paint and draw from life when I can but find most of the poses I use in newspapers, fashion magazines and my treasured collection of 1960/70’s books on photography and advertising. As I work I place the characters into stories which are usually autobiographical in some way. Even when creating more abstract imagery, I find it easy to relate the content to an experience I have had or a strong visual memory. I use my work as clues, a way into my subconscious. I saw the Prinzhorn Collection (Art made by psychiatric patients from 1890 – 1920) during the first year at university and it has influenced my work ever since, along with an interest in Outsider Art in general.

I paint in acrylic paints and inks and draw with various types of black pen including the wonderful ‘Tombow’ brush pen mainly because I saw Grayson Perry use them in a documentary he made and I am a fan. I also gaze adoringly at the colours and shapes and line made by Degas, Toulouse Lautrec, Paula Rego, Gaugin and more contemporary Artists such as Miroco Machiko, Demitrios Psillos, Elaine Pamphillon, Henry Taylor and Danny Fox. I have a degree in Illustration from Exeter and a Masters Degree in ‘Authorial Illustration’ from the University of Falmouth in Cornwall.

When I’m being a writer I collect poetry and short stories and am always working on a diary in some form or other. I document my dreams most mornings along with illustrations and the song that I am singing when I first wake up. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2010 I have written and Illustrated three books about my experiences with surgery and chemotherapy and have recently finished a fourth which is told as a visual narrative entitled ‘A year in squares’. I have also written music reviews. My next goal is to complete my ‘real and imagined’ autobiography and a very odd Gothic ghost story/melodrama that has me gripped…although it is getting increasingly difficult to tell which is which.

When I am being a musician I sing and play guitar on my own songs, either solo or as part of ‘Emily and the Dogs’. I am also a session musician providing ‘effects driven’ electric violin, percussion and backing vocals. I can also play the tin whistle but that usually gets me thrown out of any room that has other people in it. My first solo album ‘Threads’ is available on request with all proceeds going towards the charity ‘Target Ovarian Cancer’. I am currently writing and recording a second album.